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What's the English Immersion program like?
The English Immersion program encourages girls and boys of all ability levels to learn English language and grammar in an immersion environment. Campers practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Children are placed into groups by ability level. No prior language knowledge is required to attend camp or participate.
What's the Tennis Immersion program like?
Whether your child is a semi-pro or just a beginner, they will improve their tennis game while enjoying an unforgettable summer in the heart of Europe.

The main patron and partner of Camp Carlsbad's Tennis camp is Petr Pála. Coach Pála is world widely known for coaching the Czech Republic's Fed Cup women's team having won the Fed Cup in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Petr Pála has served as the team's non-playing captain since 2008. Among Petr Pála's other accomplishments include his on-court performance as an ATP top double player. He was recently voted among the top 30 most influential people in the Czech Republic.

Coach Pála will work closely with Head Coach, Tomáš Růžička, and other certified coaches of our Tennis program.
What's the Film Immersion program like?
Camp Carlsbad's Film Immersion takes place at the same time as the renowned Karlovy Vary International Film Festival which happens annually in the first week of July, creating an outstanding atmosphere for film lovers around town. The Film Immersion program includes not only the basics of filming (see details below) but also a visit to a local children's TV set, as well as a visit to the famous Barrandov "Czech Hollywood" studios, for a real taste of the filming industry.

Conducted by Jan Andel, a seasoned producer, the Filming Immersion program covers:

  • Story Building & Screen Writing
  • Story Boarding & Point of View
  • Location & Shot Selection
  • Video Production Process
  • Basics of Acting & Directing

Through a variety of hands-on teaching and learning methods, students also gain an understanding of:

  • Video Formats
  • Camera Lenses and Filters
  • Basic Video Capturing Techniques
  • Video Studio Components and Set-Up
  • Sound & Lighting Techniques
  • Digital Audio/Video Editing

How much money should I bring?
Because all meals are provided, you do not need much money - we recommend about 50-60 EUR per week.
Will my mobile phone work in the Czech Republic?
If you are from an EU country, calls and text messages will be the same price as they are at home (check with your provider about charges for data).

If you are from outside the EU, it can be very expensive to make calls. If your phone is not locked to a network, you can get a Czech sim card for your phone from mobile phone shops at the airports or in any town.

An alternative is to use WhatsApp to send messages and call people, using Wi-Fi, so please install it on your phone. Also, ask your parents to install it on their phones, so they can keep in touch with you! You will be provided a free access to Wi-Fi once you get to the school.

What else should I bring with me?
Items to bring:

● Hat
● Sport shoes
● Sport clothes - for activities and sports
● Casual wear
● Pajamas
● Swimsuits (and shoes for swimming pool)
● Swimming Towels
● Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc)
● Insurance
● Pocket money - trips are covered in the fees but students will require money for extras such as souvenirs or other items they wish to buy on a trip.
● Hair dryer
● Warm clothes (like sweaters, for the evenings )

Items which will be provided:

● Bed lining
● Laundry supplies
● Hand soap
● Toilet paper