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Dear CIS Prospective Parents and Students,

Despite the obstacles that the COVID-19 has presented to the world, CIS remains committed to delivering the highest quality of education. With our attention firmly focused on the needs of individuals, we have developed an online strategy that gives each student as much realtime face-to-face contact with teachers as possible. By simply extending the use of our Google tools, we can reach all of our students with content, resources, assessments and support. From there, we tailor the delivery of our lessons to meet the needs of each individual.

The students are following their normal school schedule. They must be ready to meet online face-to-face with their teachers via Google Hangouts at the beginning of each lesson. The teachers take students' attendance and mark them as present, late or absent which can still be seen on ManageBac. Once the class starts the teachers explain how the lesson will run. Sometimes there will be group instruction, individual instruction, or the students are given in-class assignments that they have to complete with less direct support from the teachers. All the completed assignments are submitted through Google Classroom and graded by the teachers that will later provide the students with real-time feedback.

We are going to maintain the online strategy until it is safe to have our students back in our classrooms. According to various estimations, this is not going to happen until September-October 2020. Currently, our Board of Directors is assessing the pandemic situation real-time and also anticipates an August 2020 virtual start for all students. Please keep in mind these estimations are subject to change at any time and dependent on the COVID-19 situation.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic remains one of the safest countries even during the COVID-19 pandemic, ranking well into the top ten according to many global estimates. The country's government is taking decisive steps to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus and these actions have already saved a lot of lives. The number of new cases of COVID-19 is slowly decreasing in the country, and we are hoping that the government will soon make a decision to open the schools and later on the country's borders. That being said, we are keeping track of our students' home countries' situation in terms of the pandemic, travel, and visa situation, and will try to accommodate potential issues the best way we can.

Our campus may be closed, but learning continues at CIS, and because of that we are looking to the 2020-2021 academic year. Recruitment is ongoing for prospective students and families. Check out our website and social media for more updates, videos and photos of our beautiful facilities. Contact our admissions team at or via phone: +420 351 184 100. Schedule an online meeting or an online campus tour with a school representative to start your extraordinary life at CIS!