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CIS is implementing the new Multimedia Studies Program designed to equip grade 11&12 students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive in a connected world. With the recent blistering development of the different digital platforms, more and more talented students decide to connect their future to visual communications, multimedia studies, and digital storytelling.
Filming Techniques
Sound Creation
Robotics Engineering
The Multimedia Studies Program at CIS will help the students develop those unique skills to become effective visual storytellers and creative problem-solvers. The students will be challenged on both technical and creative levels to produce compelling narratives, persuasive imagery, and emotive soundscapes, using digital tools. As students proceed through the course, they may choose to develop a focus for practical skills development in Graphic Design, Sound Creation, and/or or Filming Techniques.

At the end of the program, all students will have a massive portfolio of their works, which they will further use when applying to universities and building their future careers. The skills that they will acquire during the program will help them continue their academic journey in the field of journalism, marketing, film making, graphic design, sound making, and visual science.

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