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Imagine if you could speak English fluently. How would your life be? What new opportunities would you have?

Learning English is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences as it really opens many new doors for you: you can explore the world and engage with different people from different countries; you can advance your studies in any areas and in any place you choose; you can boost your career and expand your talents, and be independent to become a true global citizen.

CIS Language Program allows you to improve your English skills through interactive and personalized classes tailored by our qualified staff with years of professional experience. Courses are developed to match the needs of each student, whether they're in elementary school, high school or university.

Besides in-class teaching, you will also learn through social and cultural trips where you will have the chance to practice your skills, engaging in real life conversations and situations.

From a semester to a full year immersion, CIS Language Program welcomes students from all over the world and in different learning stages to start or advance their journey into an extraordinary life!