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By Alimkhan Kassymov
Alimkhan Kassymov is a DP-11 student studying at CIS. Originally from Kazakhstan, he joined Carlsbad International School in 2018.
First of all, studying at an international school is an amazing experience. Every day you see many different people that are coming from different cultures.

As a student, I (and, probably, any other individual) look for the new knowledge and want to discover new things about our planet. Studying abroad provides an experience like no other. The benefits of studying in an international school include:

  • Improving your English;

  • Becoming more confident in terms of dealing with harder problems;

  • Trips to other countries and different activities;

  • A unique opportunity to know people from other countries and their culture;

  • Making connections all over the world for the future.

For me, the boarding school reality became sort of a 'challenge' - I wanted to know how capable I am. Although it is hard, there is some kind of an 'excitement' in trying new things like speaking another language or learning subjects that you've never done before.

Boarding can be another way to get a more objective point of view: you get to know other people's opinions and their cultures. You get to know what they do, how they live and what school they have previously been in. These people become your friends and you get connections all over the globe, so you can work together to fix the global problems with the leaders of tomorrow.

The last part is that you are not even forced to learn, but when you do - you are motivated to achieve even more. Here, I started my own research, developed my writing and speaking skills, I got used to the language and I know what to expect from Europe.

If you are a a boarding student, you probably know how it feels to be challenged or be pulled out of your comfort zone. International school is a great way to face new challenges and learn how to deal with them.