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A message to our community.

As you know, the Czech Republic is in quarantine and most of the European Union too. This means that it is more important than ever for CIS to feel like a home away from home for students who are unable to return home. That's why all of us who are on campus, including leadership, residential life team, catering staff, and cleaners are making every effort to keep our boarding students safe, comfortable, happy and healthy.

Our days start with a good breakfast, with cereal, toast and jam, eggs, waffles and plenty of tea. Lunch always comes accompanied by a healthy salad bar. When the weather is warm, we sit by the lawn and eat in the sunshine. There is a great view of the wooded hill across the river from there. Dinner is always hot and hearty.

When they are not enjoying the great food, our students are following their lessons online. We are using a world-renowned platform called Google Suites for Education. This enables us to teach face to face with video conferencing, send and receive documents for assignments, share videos and other resources, and even record the whole lesson to the cloud so that students can revisit it whenever they want. It has been such an advantage that we were already working with these tools before the global crisis!

Our policy has always been to monitor the safe movement of our students in their free time. That means that we restrict them from leaving our gated community unless we give express permission to do so. Today, given the state of emergency in Europe, those rules must be enforced without exception. In fact, it is the government who is stipulating that CZ is now in a state of quarantine and that people should stay at home and avoid contact with other people where reasonably possible.

It is fortunate that we live in an environment where we have all the comforts of home, with lots of clean healthy space so that we can continue to enjoy our learning.

Stay safe and well!