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IB DP Program

CIS offers the full IB-DP diploma programme, which is a renowned and rigorous two-year programme, for high calibre students aspiring to achieve maximum leverage for selective universities.

At CIS, this is a suitable course for students who can demonstrate a history of achievement in the chosen three HL subjects and B2 level English.
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CIS IB Certificates
IB certificates are a great addition to any high school diploma and distinguish you as a passionate and academically accomplished university applicant.

Candidates who choose CIS as a stepping stone to tertiary education will need to demonstrate A2 English in order to access the academic language of IB Certificate subjects.

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CIS High School Diploma Pathways
The CIS High School Diploma puts passion first and provides candidates the opportunity of a tailored curriculum.

This path is suitable for those who have already demonstrated outstanding development in extracurricular pursuits. Our college counsellor will work to develop an individualised pathway for the next steps in your extraordinary life.
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CIS Pre-IB Pathways

CIS preparatory courses allow access to any passionate young person who is planning an extraordinary life in a home away from home.

The courses are designed with an emphasis on developing English language skills, whilst exposing students to IB subject content through project based learning.

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IB Diploma Program
IB Certificate Pathways
Highschool Diploma Pathways
Pre-IB Program