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How many students are there per room?
Our comfortable residential suites accommodate 2 to 4 students in each room, with plenty of closet space for each student.
Do they have private bathroom in the room?
The residential apartments feature 2 to 3 bathrooms, each being addressed to a specific bedroom.
Do students do their laundry?
At CIS, our life skills curriculum prepare students for college life and beyond, ensuring they become independent and responsible individuals who are committed to their own wellbeing. Learning how to do the laundry is part of this curriculum. Washing machines are provided in each bathroom so students can do their laundry, except for the bed linens.
Is there any supervision in dorms?
Our campus hosts two separate dormitory facilities - one for the boys and the other for the girls, staffed 24/7 with professionally trained and personally caring dorm staff members. They are always a door or two away to provide exceptional care and guidance all the time, ensuring a smooth and engaging boarding life for all students.
With who I will be sharing the room with?
In addition to rooming students by age and gender, students also receive room assignments by language. As an immersive English boarding school, we encourage our students to succeed by placing them in an environment that requires them to speak English. While initially challenging, this practice enables you to gain fluency much faster than normal—something you will be thankful for by the end of your first year on campus.
What will we do during a visit to campus?
The visit consists of a 30-minute campus tour followed by a meeting with an admission counsellor. Possibly if time permits, a short driving tour of area facilities will also be included. All visits include a substantial meeting with the Head of School. Overall, the regular visit will last approximately two hours.
  • 7-day boarding student: EUR 37,000/year
  • Day student: EUR 20,000/year
  • 1st semester full boarding: EUR 19,500
  • 2nd semester full boarding: EUR 22,500
  • April – June only: EUR 12,500
  • Application fee - EUR 200.00 (non-refundable)
  • Enrollment Deposit - 10% of annual fee
  • Security Deposit - EUR 2,000
What is the nearest airport?
The nearest international airport is Karlovy Vary International Airport, which serves the region. Most students will fly into and out of Prague's Václav Havel International Airport, 120 km from Karlovy Vary. We provide a transfer service for all our students arriving to or departing from the airport on official school arrival and departure days.

How far are you from major cities?
Karlovy Vary and the School campus is easily accessible by rail and road from many major cities and is less than 90 minutes drive west of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
Where do students come from? How many students are from other countries?
The school opened in August 2014 with 22 students from 14 countries. Both numbers have grown significantly since then. In 2017-2018 there were sixty-seven students from 25 countries who study pre-diploma and IB Diploma programs.

As a student at Carlsbad International School, you will have a fantastic opportunity to meet other students from around the world. Like most international boarding schools, we hope to increase the diversity of our student population every year.
Is there a dress code or uniform?
Yes, our school dress code includes options that allows for individual choice. During non-school times, our dress code allows for personal clothing, following guidelines which prohibit frayed, torn, or tattered clothing and any item which displays offensive or inappropriate language. We believe that this allows students to express their individuality while maintaining respect for their community.
Are all buildings equipped for Internet access?
Yes, Carlsbad International School has a fully-equipped high speed wireless network. Network ports (non-wireless) however, are available at limited times in learning spaces.
When will I use my computer?
Computers are integrated extensively into all aspects of the day (both academic and residential life) and are obviously used for many courses both in class and for homework.
Do all students go home during breaks and vacations?
During the vacations that happen at major holidays, families must make arrangements for students to either go home or to stay off campus. During the fall and spring semester long weekends, students may remain on campus.
What is there to do on weekends?
Because Carlsbad International School is a boarding school, the majority of students are on campus during most weekends. Multiple activities are planned to appeal to a variety of interests. Both the boys and girls dorms, or student-led school organisations, will also host themed events such as special dances, performances, or activities.

On Saturdays there are usually sporting opportunities. Additionally, the school provides access to shopping, museums, or musical performances in Prague and other destinations.