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Warsaw MUN
Savannah Hope Alexander is a grade 12 student at CIS who has been actively involved in CIS MUN activity.
Last year in November, the MUN club travelled to Poland in order to attend the Warsaw Model United Nations Conference. The conference was organized by Batory High School, an IB bilingual school. The conference has been running for 13 years, which was one reason why we wanted to attend it.

We arrived in Poland on November 7th, Wednesday. The plane ride went according to plan and we arrived at Warsaw in the afternoon. We went to the mall and walked around the city center.

The next day, we had the Opening Ceremony and General Assembly located in Batory High School. The logistics and organization was very well done and we were surprised at how smoothly everything ran. During one of the breaks, we met two delegates whom we met in our previous MUN conference (PorgMUN 2019). Going to conferences is a great way to meet new and old friends, especially if they are from different countries.
The theme of this year's WawMun conference was "Problems faced by Refugees and Migrants". Therefore all of the committees had this central theme to discuss and debate.

Our first session was on Friday. David, John and I were in the United Nations Women Committee on the topic of "Addressing the dangers faced by women migrants crossing the US-Mexico border." while Radu was in the Disarmament Committee on the topic of "Addressing measures to prevent instabilities in South Sudan with focus on disarmament". The goal of MUN is to create a peaceful Resolution to help solve these problems.

John was the delegate of Canada, David: Russia, Radu: Eritrea and me: China. Each of us had to represent our country's interests, even if they go against our own morals or political views. For example, I personally am against abortion, but China promotes it and therefore is not opposed to Mexican women migrants having abortions.

On Saturday, we had our second committee session. During this session we had something known as a Crisis Committee. This is where a random crisis occurs, and every committee works on a quick resolution. We had fun since most of our committees did not take it too seriously, for example, in my committee we transformed Canada into New Israel.
In the end, we went back to our original committees and made a Resolution which passed. We made a lot of friends during our conference and hope to see them again in another conference.

On the last day, we went to the General Assembly. During this time, we voted on Resolutions. Our Resolution for UN Women did not pass due to the Delegate of Russia's disagreement with his amendment not being passed on establishing the USSR (Universal Social Security for Refugees). We then had another Crisis Committee which David and Radu joined.

After this, we had to quickly leave to catch our flight, therefore missing the Closing Ceremony. We had a lot of fun during the Warsaw MUN Conference and me and David agreed that this was our best MUN conference so far in terms of logistics and organization. The venues were very professional and the MUN officials were very helpful and kind.

The MUN CIS club would like to implore anyone whose a student in High School or College to join MUN, even if you are not taking a degree in politics. It's a great way to make new friends and learn about issues all around the world. In MUN, you learn to become a great speaker and debater.