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Alimkhan Kassymov
11th grade
Alim is a Kazakh student studying in CIS. In the past, he has won many international math and physics competitions, and has been considered one of the best students in his country. Alim likes to play and watch basketball, as well as learning new things. Alim was born in Kyrgyzstan, but lived his whole life in Kazakhstan. Now living in Karlovy Vary, he is studying at the IB Diploma Program at CIS.
Italy is a big country that had a huge influence on the world history, and I am very glad we managed to visit this destination within the school curriculum at CIS. We were given the great opportunity to visit Milan and Venice and get around both cities in 4 days.

Firstly, the school administration has divided the students into 2 groups: the first group goes to Milan, the second one goes to Venice and then after 2 days they change. I was in the first group. It is great that the administration took a personal approach to all students when creating the groups. Due to this, all of us managed to stay together with our friends and / or the loved ones during the trip.

All photos in the article are provided by the author.
The picture was taken in the museum.
The first day was the travel day - we took a plane to Milan and went to the hotel immediately upon arrival to this city. After everyone had checked in their rooms, we went to the Da Vinci museum.

Basically, it was a history museum and the guide told us everything about Da Vinci's childhood. For example, did you know that he had never finished any of his paintings until he got 18?

On the second day, we had another guided excursion in Milan: we went to the Castello Sforzesco, La Scala, and Duomo. Even though it was a bit difficult to walk the whole day and the weather was rainy, we still enjoyed the tour and the city views. We made some cool photos. Later we went shopping and had an authentic Italian dinner.
The views in Venice.
On the third day, we went to Venice by train and met the other group. This day was the second travel day, so we didn't have any excursions. By the end of the day, we went to the puzzle escape room, which was fun and entertaining.

Next day, we had a big 7-hour tour throughout the whole city. We have seen the biggest church in Venice, Marko Polo's house and the first ghetto in the world. We had a boat trip to the colorful island of Burano, and even though it was quite cold to travel on water at this time of the year, it was very informative and fun.

On the last day, we went to the terrace in Venice, made some cool photos. Later we checked out of the hotel and went back to school.

I enjoyed the trip really much and I am very grateful to CIS that it gave us this unique opportunity. I really liked these Italian cities and enjoyed spending time there.