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What brings students from different backgrounds to CIS?

Originally from Spain, Adila moved around a lot and lived in five different countries. Sasha lives in Karlovy Vary with his family and has been trying to find a perfect school. Pato graduated from a high school in Mexico, but he wanted to see the world and so came to CIS. Three different stories, three different people, and only one place. Two weeks ago, CIS became their new home, a place to think, learn, and enjoy the numerous opportunities it offers to everyone. But why did all of these three students choose CIS?
Adila and her new friends take part in ice-breaking games.

Adila has joined CIS this year as a senior student. She is only 17, but at this young age, she has rich and quite diverse life experiences after living in Sudan, Eritrea, Cameroon, UK, and Spain. Having lived in so many countries, she has attended a lot of schools, and now she knows what a good place to study is. Adila says she chose CIS because the school looked very attractive and seemed to be focused on academics a lot. "I like how close the community is. Although there are still differences between the groups of teachers and students, everyone in the school knows each other by their first names," Adila says.

Adila will be graduating this year, and she has already made some plans for her future: "I am mostly interested in the arts. I would like to study music or fashion in college". Adila hopes that CIS will help her to reach her goals: "The school is very good academically: the teachers know what they are doing, they seem to really care about us. The environment is very different from the other schools I have attended before. Here people want to do their best for the students, and because of it the school might seem a bit controlled, but teachers have the best intentions in mind," Adila says.

Although Adila is very focused on academics, she still considers social activities an important part of student life. She has already met a lot of the other students via social activities just in the first two weeks. "I think anywhere you go the first week is not going to be easy to make new friends. But the school does its best to mix everyone up. I have already made several good acquaintances with people from all over the world. Because the school is small, it is easy to make new friends," Adila says.
Pato and other students participate in conflict negotiation training.

Pato also came to Europe to make new friends and live an extraordinary life, which CIS, undoubtedly, offers to its students. Pato's story is not usual. He has already graduated from a high school back in Mexico, but despite this, he chose to enroll at CIS and graduate from school one more time. "I did not know what to do after I finished school back in Mexico. So, instead of taking a gap year and simply travelling around the world, my parents offered to help find me a school in Europe and learn the subjects I have not learned before," Pato explains.

Following that, Pato started his research on the Internet, surfing different websites looking for an ideal school. A friend recommended Pato to check out CIS and he liked it: "I was looking for a small school with not many people. Other schools were just too big for me, and CIS seemed to be very cool. My main concern was if I was able to travel from the school or not. I wanted to see the world," Pato explains. Indeed, CIS has a great location for those who want to travel. Located in the heart of Europe in the picturesque city of Karlovy Vary, it offers the students great opportunities to see the world. Regular cultural trips to various European destinations, weekend social trips, winter journeys to the best ski destinations as well as an extracurricular trip to India - students have a chance to enjoy so many opportunities! But extraordinary life in CIS is not limited by travel only.

Pato admits that his new friends are what he likes a lot about CIS: "It is great that the people are so friendly here. I have been here for only two weeks and I already know everyone's names," he explains. Pato says that in this sense, CIS is very different from his previous school: "I like how everything is focused here. For example, in my old school, we had 50 people in a class. Here you get much more attention from the teachers," Pato explains.

He also liked that the students had an opportunity to choose their classes at the beginning of the academic year. "In my previous school, I mostly did humanities, but here in CIS, I decided to study sciences. I am taking math, physics, economics, English, and French. I am considering studying engineering in college," Pato says.
Students chat at the school garden.

Sasha's story is different. He is only 13, and he came to CIS to do an English Language Program. He barely speaks English, but he is going to learn it this year at CIS and continue his studies next year as one of our regular students. "I chose CIS because this school provides opportunities for better education and I can learn English here. It is also more disciplined than regular schools in the city, the teachers are better as well," Sasha explains.

Sasha lives in Karlovy Vary with his family and he has already tried attending three different schools in the city and did not like them. "I have experienced studying at the regular schools, but this is my first experience in an international school. The first time I visited CIS, I liked it. The classrooms are great, the food is great, everything is so clean and well-maintained! I liked everything about the school," Sasha says.

This year, Sasha is going to be a part of our special English Language Program. Intensive language classes with native speakers, new friends coming from all over the world, activities and other classes, taught exclusively in English, are parts of the program. Sasha has already signed up for some of the activities offered by the school: "I am going to do archery, tennis, volleyball, and biking. I have done tennis before; but archery is something new, and it is nice that I am going to have a chance to learn a new skill," Sasha says.

Sasha also shared some advice for future students: "I would like to recommend new kids coming to CIS in the future not to be shy and be interactive with other students. I felt little lonely at the beginning of the year, but now I am making new friends and my life at CIS is getting better every day."
53 students from 20+ countries have already joined CIS this year to build on their extraordinary lives, and take part in the amazing opportunities CIS has to offer. True English immersion, a rich social life, fun extracurricular activities, great travel opportunities, and, of course, a strong academic program is the main reasons why students choose CIS as their new home.