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"A place, where kids are happy" - that is how our newly arrived teachers defined an ideal school. There were other descriptions too - some of the faculty mentioned the "home away from home" concept, a rich social life, close family environment, and many other things which all contribute to creating an extraordinary life of the students. But actually, the teachers on campus are in fact the ones, who can make this extraordinary life happen, and their hard work makes CIS special for students.

A wide smile, a bright personality, and excessive teaching experience - these are distinctive characteristics of Anna Jordan, CIS' new English and Literature teacher. For her, teaching is not limited by giving knowledge to others, but it is also learning - learning about new cultures and getting to know people she meets. She said that the environment in and around the school was something which makes CIS very special. "The very diverse nationalities of staff and students are the main distinction of CIS," Mrs. Jordan says.

Indeed, students from more than 20 countries are coming to CIS this year. Some of them are returning to school from summer break, others are just going to start their new extraordinary life in the beautiful city of Karlovy Vary. It is not only diversity which makes CIS stand out. One of the main things, making Carlsbad International School special, is its adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Peter Taufer is going to be responsible for students activities this year and he has already prepared a plan for them. This year, CIS offers the students the opportunity to take part in numerous fun activities, such as swimming, fitness, biking, chess, football, basketball, ice skating, and other sports. "Health is arguably the most important aspect to life," Mr. Taufer says. The students need to understand it, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, the activities director claims. "Once they do it and set the goals, more motivation occurs!" he argues.

Besides sports, social activities will also play an important role in students' life this year - some of them will do English tutoring for kindergarten kids, while others might want to choose cooking or choir singing as part of their activities. Fortunately, Karlovy Vary provides many opportunities for CIS students to grow as healthy and well-rounded individuals. "The fresh air, river, and excellent learning spaces - this all makes CIS so special for me," Mr. Taufer says.

Academics is, obviously, another important part of the school life; however, the whole process works differently in the boarding school. "Emotions are the most important drive," Navid Khaleshi, CIS' new Math and Physics teacher says, "therefore, I will try my best to connect with the students and show that I love them".

Not only is emotional connection important for teenagers' education, Mr. Khalesi admits. "The main part of my job is to teach students the application of math and how connected it is to real-life situations. All my units are related to some real-life applications," Mr. Khaleshi says.

"I value authentic student interaction where students have to use multiple-level thinking skills. This process facilitates the development of critical thinking skills," Christian Alexander, English teacher, adds.
The new school year is about to start very soon. The residential students will arrive to their "home away from home" this coming Saturday and our day-students will start the academic year on Sunday. During the first week, they will have an opportunity to meet their new teachers, choose classes, as well as have some fun. A bonfire, rafting, and Prague trip are already on the list of team building activities for students and faculty.