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Alimkhan Kassymov
11th grade
Alim is a Kazakh student studying in CIS. In the past, he has won many international math and physics competitions, and has been considered one of the best students in his country. Alim likes to play and watch basketball, as well as learning new things. Alim was born in Kyrgyzstan, but lived his whole life in Kazakhstan. Now living in Karlovy Vary, he is studying at the IB Diploma Program at CIS.
They say each school has something unique. Something that makes you feel home when you are stepping into the school yard. Something that makes you cry when your school team loses a match and makes you happy when you see your friend scoring a goal. You celebrate the birthdays together and serve the restrictions with friends (yes, this is the bitter part of it). All of this makes your school very special, not similar to the other schools, where you have ever been before. And this something is called the school spirit.
Does CIS have a spirit? Of course, it does! So what is so special about Carlsbad International School - my school? It is everything around us: the flags, representing our multiculturalism, the symbolics, showing the uniqueness of the school, and, most importantly, the people - my friends, teachers, and staff. The people, who actually create the spirit of CIS. Our school demonstrates its identity in many ways: the uniform, faculty families, and our own sports teams.

When one arrives to CIS or even simply passes by our buildings, he or she will definitely see the "stags" symbolics everywhere. The stag is a male deer, the symbol of being strong and graceful, beautiful and wise. In the Czech Republic, one can easily meet one, especially in the forests nearby Karlovy Vary (the city where the school is located). The colors of the school are red and white. Those colors are often associated with strength, power, determination, as well as passion, desire, and love. This is why in CIS we are taught to be wise and strong, caring and responsible, knowledgeable and wise.
So how do we develop this unique CIS spirit? I think we are the main generators of this very special school identity. Whenever the school has a sports match, it does not matter if it is football, basketball or volleyball game: everyone wears the same uniform and everyone is a part of the caring CIS community. Before the game starts, we get all together and yell "CIS!" loudly to keep the spirit through the game.

We also have our 'support team' that cheers for us. It does not matter if we win or lose - they are always here for us. This is what makes you to continue to play for the school. All this unity and cohesion makes us happy and we feel that we are not alone - there is always someone to help you and cheer you up. You are home...