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Kids' smiling, happy faces, tons of fun activities, and a lot of laughing - this is what Carlsbad Summer Camp looked like this year. However, there is always something going on behind the scenes: the amazing work all of the camp supervisors did each and every day. That, however, begs the question: What does it mean to be a supervisor at Carlsbad Summer Camp?
Anna talking to one of the youngest campers.
A tall tanned high school girl is playing with a group of seven-year-old kids in the school garden: "No, no! Throw that ball to me! I am going to win!"

Anna, a graduating senior next year at Carlsbad International School, is not doing this just for fun - she is working as a supervisor at Carlsbad Summer Camp. It is hard to believe that this strong and responsible girl, with clear skills to be an educator, was here just a couple of years ago playing with the same ball, but in another role - as a camper.


Anna says she always thought she could become a supervisor.
"While I was a camper here," she says, "I loved the project and wanted to become a part of it."

"When you are doing an IB program, it is important to get involved in something else besides your academics. I thought that would be a nice chance to help the school and do something useful for me as well," Anna explains.
Sulaiman welcoming parents and campers on their first day in the school cafeteria - Friendship Hall
Helping the school appeared not as easy as it seemed. Sulaiman was also a camper here a couple of years ago, but now he is a supervisor. He said he could see the process from the inside when he started working here.

"It is all nice and fun when you are just coming here for one or two weeks to spend time with the other kids at the summer camp, but being a supervisor gives you a lot of responsibility and demands a lot of effort. Now I know how much hard work goes into being a supervisor at a summer camp," he says.


Anna explains that, for her, it was tough to be strict with the campers:
"It is important to find a right balance of being a friend and a supervisor at the same time. Sometimes you have to be really concise about your position and not let the campers do something. That's how you should act, but that was my least favorite part about the camp, frankly speaking."
Supervisors playing guitar at the campfire
Morning classes, afternoon and evening activities, and weekend social trips allow campers and supervisors to spend together ample amounts of time together, and end up becoming a big happy family.

"My most favorite thing in this camp is playing with the small kids. It is easy to work with them because they are so nice and they like playing with a ball just as much as I do," Anna says, laughing.


Of course, playing and having tons of fun were not the only benefits of being a supervisor at Carlsbad Summer Camp.

"I am currently trying to choose my path in life and to understand what I want to do in the future. During the past year in school, I have thought about studying to be a psychologist at university. Here at the camp I have been able to learn a lot about young kids' psychology and it is extremely interesting! I guess I am on the right path!" Anna says.

Sulaiman said he improved his organizational skills which would be quite important for any career he decides to pursue.

"First of all, I decided to work at the summer camp because I wanted to learn how to improve my people skills and working relationships. I wanted to be able to communicate with them effectively and make someone else happy. Now, I am thankful for this opportunity because I have learned a lot about working in and cooperating with other companies. I had to make a lot of booking to arrange our activities, it has helped me gain important organizational experiences," he said.


This year, kids from ages 7 to 17 took part in the summer camp. They went to different activities assigned by their age groups, but all of them were enjoying a traditional campfire on Monday and Friday nights, which became a good tradition at the Carlsbad Summer Camp 2018.

"Making a bonfire was my favorite activity at the Camp," Sulaiman says. "I feel like it was something uniting our campers the most." Indeed, there was something special about roasting marshmallows over hot orange flames, chatting to friends, and playing some ice-breaking games.
Oyshiko making a wish on the Charles Bridge.
During one of such friendly evenings, one of the campers, Oyshiko, a girl from India living in London, admitted she wanted to stay connected to Carlsbad International School as much as possible.

"I really like the camp, I have learned a lot here, and coming to such a beautiful place is a real miracle," Oyshiko says.

Oyshiko has come to Carlsbad Summer Camp for the first time and she has been an extraordinary camper! This young girl has won an English and Math competition, and the prize was a free spot in Carlsbad Summer Camp.

"I have not realized how big the prize was until I got here. I have never been to camps like this one before. I really enjoyed being here, and whatever I thought camp life would be - this was even better," Oyshiko says.


Carlsbad Summer Camp is an annual summer adventure, bringing together kids from 10+ different countries. This year, students from the Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, Iran, India, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, and other countries became Carlsbad campers.

Next year, our camp will begin in July. Returning and new campers, as well as prospective supervisors, can start planning their summer in beautiful Karlovy Vary beginning in December!

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