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"CIS was the place, where I grew up as an individual"
Interview with Diego Gonzalez, CIS '18 Alumni
They say it is a regular life routine - the people leave and come; some of them leave forever, others stay in your life for longer. What about the school lifecycle? It is probably the same - teenagers come as new students, grow within the school both physically and mentally, and then they leave to continue living their extraordinary life somewhere outside of CIS. On the one hand, it is sad that we have to say "good-bye", on the other, we are happy for our former students, who demonstrate great results in their college life and beyond.

One of such bright individuals is Diego Gonzalez, one of the CIS Graduates, who left the school in May 2018. He is currently attending University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria studying electrical engineering, and he says that CIS has helped him a lot to achieve this goal. We have contacted Diego recently and he was happy to talk about CIS with us and answer some of the questions we asked.
Diego is about to receive his high school diploma.
Q: Diego, do you think you could describe CIS?

A: CIS was the place where I grew up as a person, CIS taught me how to be an organized person by giving me a schedule, in which I had to manage my time, being able to do all the activities planned and also find some time for myself.

CIS taught me how to be an open-minded person by having an interaction with people from around the world with different traditions and culture. CIS taught me how to be grateful by receiving so much help from teachers, dorm heads and staff members, they always were able to guide me in the correct direction.

Q: If there was one thing you would like to remember about CIS, what would it be?

A: There are many things I would like to remember from CIS, but I will mention only a couple of them. First, the teachers. Due to the fact that we had teachers on duty even during the weekends, they could help me understand topics and do homework with their advice.

Second, the sports program. I played volleyball, football, basketball, and practiced swimming with the help of CIS; we also had many games that improved my abilities.

At last, I will always remember the people there. People at CIS made my experience wonderful.
Receiving diploma.
Q: What do you think CIS did well?

A: Creating ''families'' between teachers and students is really good to start to talk and share some moments if someone needs help.

Also, going out to do an activity with your family is great because families at CIS are formed from the students from different grades and teachers from different subjects, and it actually looks like a real family, especially, for the ones, whose homes are far away.

Q. Can you say that you have grown since you entered the high school? How?

A: I have grown as a person and as a student. I believe I am more organized, proactive, open-minded, principled; I am also a thinker, a communicator, and an inquirer. I have noticed the change after being a student in CIS.

The homework at CIS has always been so difficult. I liked it because I always had to do some research before doing homework or before a class. Nowadays, I am well-prepared for the lectures in the University. I had a surprise physics exam when I got to the university, and it was not difficult for me at all.

Q: In what way did CIS prepare you for life?

A: Basically, CIS guided my thought during my last years as a teenager. There are some things such as using the washing machine, cleaning my room, being organized, which are not a problem for me now and they are a part of my daily life. However, before coming to CIS, I did not know how to do most of them.

In addition, CIS always tries to encourage students to research more information after classes to prepare for university, which is really good because when you are a university student, it is very important.
Diego dancing at the graduation ball.
Q: Did you feel academically prepared for college when you left the school?

A: Yes, I studied topics in CIS that I will study only during the second semester of University, and also I reviewed many times in CIS the topics that I am studying now. I have a lot of homework, group works and projects in the university, but when I was in CIS, I did many of them and now I know how to prepare for each of them.

Q: With whom of the teachers have you connected with during your study here and why?

A: I connected with all the seven teacher I had. They always helped me with many of my questions, because I liked to ask a lot. I had an opportunity to play basketball and football with some of them, and it was a funny and awesome experience. However, my favorite subject was physics and my teacher was Ms Donovan. She helped me in a way that I will be always grateful. She explained topics very well, helping you understand better this difficult world of physics. Also, Ms Donovan prepared a lot of information or material before the class that was always helpful for preparing homework.

Q: What do you think about life in CIS in general? Do you miss it?

A: The interaction with people every day makes the experience at CIS better than in other places. Students share moments with each other in class, in activities and on the weekends which makes the connections between different cultures amazing. Yes, I miss the life in CIS, but I know that my time there already passed. I loved my life there, and I am happy and grateful to be part of the CIS family.
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