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Alimkhan Kassymov
11th grade
Alim is a Kazakh student studying in CIS. In the past, he has won many international math and physics competitions, and has been considered one of the best students in his country. Alim likes to play and watch basketball, as well as learning new things. Alim was born in Kyrgyzstan, but lived his whole life in Kazakhstan. Now living in Karlovy Vary, he is studying at the IB Diploma Program at CIS.
Activities have became one of the most fun parts of CIS life long time ago, and it is not surprising. Each trimester students have a chance to pick the activities, which fit them the best, for all weeks of this trimester. There is a wide selection of activities on offer, the students may choose theirs from three main categories: sports, creativity or service. The best thing I like about activities in CIS is their diversity: there are more than 15 different types of activities happening in CIS and all of them are very different. In this article, I will emphasise on the activities I liked the most.
We have basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the best thing about it is that it is in the morning. When we come to our gym, we change our shoes and then start stretching our legs and arms. Then we go running, practicing our lay-ups and free-throws. After that we have two options: we play 4v4 on one hoop or practice our defence and offence states. It is super cool to be a part of the team, because this way, I get to participate in different tournaments with other schools based in Prague and Karlovy Vary.
Brain activity is always more difficult than a physical one. There is a study that says that professional chess players burn 6000+ calories per tournament and I cannot disagree with that. I know it sounds funny, but chess is, indeed, the most tiring exercise ever. In the beginning of the class we solve some "checkmate" problems and then we start playing against each other. The hardest part is to play against our teacher, Mr. Khaheshi. He always knows how to catch you on your mistake. We have a plan to organize a chess tournament with other international schools in Prague and Karlovy Vary.
Here you will need to take a challenge by showing your inner talent and writing your own song. If you do not know how to do that, do not worry: no one is a world music pop-star here. What we do during this activity is creating a project and sharing it with our teacher - later, he advices on what to add to the song and how to make it better. Also the school provides us with musical instruments, in case we decide to learn something new or record our music. The best part is that when our projects are ready, we will be going to a real music studio to record our songs live!
This one is very exciting: the name of this activity speaks for itself - you shoot from different rifles at different targets. The best part of this activity is realizing how much progress you actually made since the last time you practised by comparing your results. Every time you shoot, you are getting more points, and this is so exciting! For those who are into the war stuff - the air rifle shooting is the best activity.
If you like to work with children - English language tutoring in Carlsbad International School is for you! This is a community service activity at a local kindergarten, where we help Czech kids learn English by teaching interactive lessons, singing songs and playing games. The best part of this activity is too see happy faces of children when we arrive to the kindergarten. But on the other hand it might be heartbreaking to see them sad when we are leaving. The good thing is that we always come back.
CIS provides tons of opportunities for its students to live an extraordinary life. Having lived in a school, which became my second home for about four months, I understand that it is very important to have something that helps you relax and forget about intensive academic program. I am glad that the school administration realizes it and provides us with so many activities to take part at. I am looking forward to the next trimester to find out what else I can explore!
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