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Reem Sleiman
Grade 11th student
Reem Sleiman is a Syrian and Circassian student at CIS. She loves to learn about religions and philosophy, as well as art and mathematics. She speaks English, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan fluently. She was born and lived in Saudi Arabia before moving to Spain at the age of 14. Now living in Karlovy Vary, Reem is doing the IB diploma program at Karlovy Vary.

Reem is contributing to CIS blog. Reem has been together with CIS for over a month now, and she thinks it is a right time to share her thoughts of the school now.
Throughout this semester there had been so many adventures, ups and downs, experiences and challenges that I have overcome. One of the most challenging ones, however, has been adjusting to the IB curriculum coming from a Spanish one, without any preparation. The good part is that I have one of the best teachers that have been working with me every day to ensure my success. There are things to appreciate and very little things for me to nitpick, which I will discuss here.

Starting off, I have built a good relationship with all my teachers, because each one of them has their experience in their own field of teaching and an interesting story that they share with us. This made me develop a deeper connection and amicable relationship with my teachers. This is a huge factor that contributed to also building my interest in the courses I am taking. I would like to talk a bit about some of my teachers to explain this further.
My English teacher, Aaron Wright, is one of the most intellectual people I have met. He is very well-read and experienced in teaching. He has so much cultural intelligence as he travels all around the world. His long history in teaching IB is evident as his creative teaching methods make this heavily abstract course more approachable. My favorite part about this class is how easy it is for me to see my improvements since I came here, this way I am assured that there is always something for me to learn from him.

My Mathematics teacher, Navid Khaheeshi, from Iran, is another interesting personality with a lot of wisdom not just on mathematics but also on philosophy and life. His knowledge shines through his charisma, and I'm glad that, as with most classes, the classroom is with only a few people. This gives us a better opportunity to get to know our teachers as people, and this is the case with Mr. Khaheeshi. The highlight of my day is the long chats we have after class, where we talk about anything from philosophy to books and religion to films. I also want to point out that this is the first year that Mathematics in Higher Level IB was offered because of increase in demand, which shows how responsive and accommodating CIS is to student requests.

My Physics teacher, Anaïs Grivot, from France, proves the importance of having a teacher in front of you, especially for Physics in Higher Level. I enjoy Ms.Grivot's quick-paced, active atmosphere she creates in the classroom where everyone is attentive and concentrated. What I admire about her the most is her willingness to voluntarily go through extra tediously long work of correcting the extra worksheets and practice papers, only so that she makes sure we do our best in the assessments. This is an attitude that most of my teachers share, and I can say that the best part of CIS to me is the teaching, because I have never thought I would develop a relationship with my teachers that goes beyond the classroom.
In conclusion, academic life at CIS is as personally challenging as any other place, but the continuous support and commitment that the teachers have in helping us succeed. There are flaws and problems everywhere but in an environment like CIS, I am very optimistic in trusting them in fixing them. I wish everyone the best for the next semester, good luck and work hard, everyone is here for you!