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Is there an application deadline?
Our applications are rolling - there is no deadline as long as the student can get a study permit (if needed) in time to start the program. We suggest applying as early as possible to ensure space is available both in the classroom and in residence.
How does Carlsbad International School select the students it admits?
Applicants are evaluated on the basis of academic abilities, character, contributions made to their previous schools, communities and homes. Evidence of independence, resiliency, involvement, maturity, and concern for others are also important.
Do you help students with Visas and Study Permit Applications?
CIS assists new and current students with visa applications through its in-house Immigration Office. Students will be notified on the procedures, documentation and forms that are necessary.
Is there a minimum score that I need to have on standardized tests to be considered for admission?
There is not a standard test score that a student must attain in order to be considered for admission to Carlsbad International School.
What's the best way to submit an application?
We prefer to receive applications submitted online. We do accept a scanned application form by email
Is an interview required?
Yes. For those applicants unable to visit us in person for an interview, we will schedule a video conference.