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An Ongoing Commitment to Student Success
While the Covid-19 pandemic may be filling many lives with uncertainty, Carlsbad International School is committed to providing our students with the certainty of a world-class education. Whether on campus, learning by distance, or a combination of the two, the health, safety, growth, and academic development of our students are all of equal importance. At this time, our campus is scheduled to be fully open for student living and learning when the next school year begins on 16 September 2020.

A Top International Boarding School in Central Europe

Carlsbad International School is a top international boarding school in central Europe. Located in the Czech Republic, we are an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School outside of Prague in the historic spa town of Karlovy Vary. As a boys and girls boarding school in Europe, CIS is home to teens from all over the world on their way to top universities and careers.

In addition to our English instruction, highly qualified teachers, small class sizes, student recommendations, and the excellent university placement of our alumni, our home in the Czech Republic (Czechia) is continually listed among the top ten safest countries in the world for students to study abroad. Furthermore, current world exchange rates make CIS one of the most affordable boarding schools in Europe for international students. This is especially true in comparison to some of the top Swiss boarding schools. IB schools in Switzerland typically offer the same IB World School curriculum at two to three times the price of our European private school.

If you're looking for an affordable boarding school or European high school study abroad experience for your son or daughter aged 14-19, we invite you to request a video chat with one of our admissions specialists. We know you'll love our personalized approach to education, attentive pastoral care, rigorous academic standards, and variety of extracurricular activities and events at our IB boarding school in the Czech Republic.

Take a moment and imagine your life four years in the future. Friends all over the world, dream university abroad, seasoned travel portfolio, feeling confident and independent, and
speaking fluent English.

CIS Program Overview: IB World School in Europe

Carlsbad International School is a fully accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, as well as a Member of the Council of International Schools (COIS). All curriculum is taught in an immersive English setting. Our students choose to enroll in a full IB Diploma Program or a US High School Diploma Program with IB Certificate options. No matter which program a student elects, they will benefit from our shared belief in the International Baccalaureate & Council of International Schools' Missions:
IB: Education for a Better World
"The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect." (
COIS: Shaping the Future of International Education
"The CIS vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high quality international education: connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of the world." (

Pre-Diploma Program (Ages 14-16)

Students who enroll at CIS in Grades 9/10 (US) will benefit from two years of pre-diploma studies in an immersive English setting. These courses are designed give our students every advantage in the challenging IB Diploma Program. In addition to a solid English and academic foundation, this program also helps our youngest students adjust to the newfound responsibilities and independence of living in an international boarding school community.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (Ages 16-19)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) is an internationally renowned two year curriculum for boys and girls ages 16-19. The IB DP provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education. The program is known to be very academically rigorous and, therefore, is often considered the highest standard for university entry. Authorized IB World Schools, such as Carlsbad International School, follow the same curriculum and methods as all IB World Schools. At the end of the program, all IB students take the same exit exams on the same day all across the world. These are assessed by external adjudicators. Founded in 1968, the IB currently boasts over 5000+ schools in more than 150 countries and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

CIS High School Diploma Alternative

As a member of the Council of International Schools, Carlsbad International School is also authorized to award a CIS High School Diploma as an alternative to the IB Diploma. While we encourage and support all students to succeed in the IB DP, personal circumstances can occasionally become a barrier to success. Examples include an extended absence, insufficient mastery of English prior to the IB DP, or late term transfer from a non-IB school. We believe that these students still have a valuable place at CIS and can benefit from the support of our community and education. Upon fulfilling the necessary requirements, these students will graduate with a traditional High School Diploma.

International Baccalaureate Certificate Options

Our students may still benefit from the IB program even if they enroll in the High School Diploma Program. Instead of fulfilling all requirements for an IB Diploma, International Baccalaureate Certificates allow students to receive significant recognition on their transcripts for fulfilling some of the requirements, typically in one or two subject areas that they are highly passionate about.
An Extraordinary Life Begins at CIS
boarding school in czechia
Prestigious Programs
Through our Pre-DP and IB programme, students flourish intellectually, physically, and emotionally, becoming a well-rounded, balanced young adult.
ib world school europe
Character in Action
We enhance awareness to social problems, integrate academic theory into practice, and cultivate leadership skills through students' civic engagement.
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Peace of Mind
Students enjoy apartment-style residential suites in a private, gated campus with 24/7 supervision, while living in the 6th safest country in the world.
best boarding schools in europe
Happy + Empowered
As the old adage goes, "the most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our own home." Our faculty cultivates a warm, close-knit, vibrant atmosphere for students to succeed in all facets of life.
international school near prague
Habits of Success
Since development is interconnected, we focus on providing activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle, well-balanced meals
to promote nutrition, and social development opportunities.
boys international boarding school in europe
Tailored Programs
The academic experience is specifically tailored to students' natural talents and strengths while maintaining the utmost priority in academic achievement.

Why Choose a Boys & Girls Boarding School in Europe?

European boarding schools are renowned for preparing teenage boys and girls to succeed at university, in their careers, and life in general. In addition to gaining a world-class classroom education, Carlsbad International School students learn how to successfully balance their own independence, responsibilities, and community engagement. Our international campus is the perfect place for students to develop cultural tolerance, appreciate ethnic diversity, and practice valuable communication and leadership skills.

At CIS, boys and girls live in single-gender dormitories at opposite ends of the CIS campus. Faculty dorm parents work directly with students to develop valuable life skills needed to succeed in high school and beyond. Another staple of our dorm program is our regular weekend excursions. These staff-supervised trips allow students to experience the rich cultural history all around them. Destinations typically include local historic sites, indoor/outdoor recreation events, and popular shopping districts.

Furthermore, each year students and teachers go further abroad for a week-long education experience on a specific academic theme. Past trips have included Art in Italy, Theatre in England, and Governmental studies across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Trips destinations are typically based on student interest and faculty specialization.

Local High School in Karlovy Vary (Day School Option)

As the premier international high school of Karlovy Vary, Czechia, Carlsbad International School also welcomes local Czech and expat students to enroll at our IB World School. These students enjoy all the benefits of a Carlsbad education, but do not require residential accommodation. This Karlovy Vary day school option is only available to students residing locally with a parent or legal guardian. Day students must provide their own transportation to and from campus.
Katelyn Jones, Ed.D.
Head of School
Welcome to Carlsbad International School (CIS). CIS is an amazing international boarding school with an engaged community, which our students refer to as their home away from home.

Our community is intentionally small so we can help each student flourish into their fullest potential.

Each student will cultivate their own extraordinary experience - the foundations learned here will last a lifetime!
Carlsbad Success Stories

About Carlsbad International School

Carlsbad International School was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide an affordable IB boarding school education in the heart of Europe as an alternative to the often cost-prohibitive Swiss boarding schools. Under the leadership some of the most experienced administrators in Swiss school education, we welcomed our first class in 2014. On opening day, our founding class included 21 students from 11 different countries, with our first graduates receiving their diplomas in 2017. Since that time the school has grown in numbers, diversity, experience, and alumni. Now is your chance to take control of your child's future and be a part of the CIS family and our success story.

Schedule a Live Video Chat with an Admissions Specialist

With all the challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic, learning more about Carlsbad International School shouldn't be one of them. Scheduling a live video chat with one of our admissions specialists is simple and easy. Simply find a time on our schedule that works best for you and sign up for it. Don't see one that fits your particular time zone or schedule, don't worry, we're flexible. Simply drop us a message from our Contact Us page and we'll find a way to accommodate your request.
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