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residentiAL LIFE
Our student body is made up of over 90% coed boarding school students from all around the world. The residential program we offer you is a complete, all inclusive package - including academic instruction, residential supervision, mentorship, meals, weekend travel opportunities, and one trip abroad each semester.

For boarding students, CIS is more than a school - it is a home.
CIS has a close-knit, vibrant atmosphere that allows you to truly feel like CIS is a home away from home. Boarding students live in residential suites that are designed to comfortably accommodate their needs. Each dorm has a common recreational area with couches, TV and a small kitchen for handy access to snacks or cookie baking with our caring ResLife Team.

Unlike most top boarding schools that feature long corridors of hotel-style accommodation, we are proud to offer 'apartment style' residential suites in a peaceful, luxurious environment. Our private, gated campus and 24/7 security provides additional peace of mind for both you and your parents.
A historical place, a vibrant community.
Beautiful and functional, our campus combines a historical building named Toscana, which hosts our classrooms and Head of School office, and purpose-built adjacent facilities that host our boys and girls dorms, plus our cafeteria.

Our campus is surrounded by astonishing nature. Students can enjoy walks and trails across grounds filled with trees, with scenic views of Tepla River.

The 24/7 supervised campus is located in Karlovy Vary, a beautiful spa town in Czech Republic, elected the 6th safest country in the world.
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