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CIS is nestled in the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary (also known as 'Carlsbad'), west of Prague.

Our hometown sits on the banks of the Tepla and Ohre rivers, with spectacular hotels and century old architecture. Karlovy Vary means "Charles' Bath" and was so-named after Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who founded the city in 1370.

The town is now a thriving spa and wellness resort and a growing center of commerce.
Primarily Czech speaking with English and Russian widely spoken.
More than 144 spa hotels and resorts, restaurants, recreation centers and shops.
Only 90 minutes (120 km) from Prague and the Prague International Airport.
Connected to the European rail system.
Western Czechia, the region where Karlovy Vary is located, is renowned for beautiful landscapes, with hills and lakes that offer sports and relaxation in every season. In winter, the slopes nearby and pistes offer excellent options for skiing, snowboarding and other snow activities.

In summer, river cottages and trails are a superb place to breathe fresh outdoor air in a scenic atmosphere. Hiking enthusiasts enjoy miles of terrain and forested walking trails, with plenty of sunshine to keep the spirits high. Biking is also very popular in Karlovy Vary and around the region with trails that provide astonishing views.
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