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Time spent enjoying the great outdoors is more than just fun. It's an essential part of a healthy life, and an especially essential part of growing up. Time spent in nature has a variety of cognitive benefits, like improving your ability to move on from negative thoughts or to focus on demanding tasks.

Now imagine spending time outdoors with your new friends rafting, hiking in the woods, skiing in the nearby mountains, biking in the many trails around the school, and so many more exciting activities that will make you feel strong and alive. This is what CIS and Karlovy Vary offer you - an extraordinary healthy life!
CIS campus was once a distinguished meeting place for diplomats, business professionals, tradesmen, and their families. The original riverside cafe built on the site was known simply as Freundschafts (1823), and is now the location of our newly constructed, first-class dining facility, the Friendship Hall.

We take nutrition very seriously and are proud to partner with an international nutrition expert to provide you with healthy, well-balanced meals, that are also delicious. The dining hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is available for light snacks all day.
As health is a priority for us, CIS has nurses onsite during school hours, as well as on call during the evening hours, to ensure an excellent level of primary and emergency care for all our residential students. When additional care is required, the nurse also arranges appointments with local doctors, dentists, and specialists as needed. The regional hospital is located just a five-minute drive from our campus.

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