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At CIS, you will enjoy diversified activities and athletic programs with many options that promote additional resources for boosting your talents, for living a healthy lifestyle, and for engaging in outdoor education. From the Duke of Edinburgh and Model United Nations prestigious programs to kickboxing classes, we offer you a wide selection of activities, and individual and team sports, coached by certified and licensed staff.
A 14-court tennis complex is just 200m from campus, which is in a privileged location for outdoor sports such as skiing, hiking, biking, trekking, rafting, running and much more.

Every weekend is different at CIS – you never know what you might do next!

Karlovy Vary is the perfect location for exploring new sports and new experiences. On weekends, faculty offer a range of activities that students can sign up for. Activities include outdoor outings such as hikes, ski trips, go-karting or mountain bike riding; shopping trips to Prague or Dresden; art excursions to movies, shows, and art exhibits; campus sponsored cultural events and games.

You may want to stay on campus, and enjoy your time relaxing with friends, do some sports training, practice your music or arts, maybe catch up on some study, take a walk or bus into town and do some shopping, or eat in a local restaurant.

CIS also organizes two cultural trips during the year as part of the curriculum. The autumn Cultural Trip explores Czechia (the Czech Republic) and neighbouring countries as a time for bonding and cultural discovery. In the spring, students go further abroad to other European destinations with a more academic focus to extend their learning in a chosen subject. Past trips have included Italy, Germany, Poland, and Hungary.