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I am delighted to introduce our faculty of highly qualified and experienced teaching and support staff dedicated to the education, development and welfare of all our students.

With the support of our Advisory Board and our carefully selected partners and suppliers, it is the hard work, energy and passion of our faculty which makes Carlsbad International School such a wonderful place to live and work, and such a thriving and successful community of learners achieving their potential.

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Davi Sanchez Netto, Head of School

Meet the Teaching Faculty

OLIN MORROW, IT Manager, Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Technology and Media Teacher

Olin W. Morrow II is an award-winning technology teacher with an extremely broad diversity of experience, talent and expertise. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, another Bachelor’s in Theatre, and a Master’s degree in Education. He has acted professionally on the stage and in film, managed tax, accounting, land surveying and civil engineering firms, and run his own businesses in design, communications, distribution and technology services. A native of the United States and son of a US Diplomat, Olin spent extensive portions of his childhood living in Mali and Taiwan, and has never stopped traveling. He enjoys life’s great diversity and sharing his lifelong love of learning with his students.

SARA MORROW, Diploma Programme Coordinator & Registrar, English Language and Literature Teacher

Sara Morrow, a National Board Certified English teacher from the United States, brings to CIS a Master’s degree in Instruction and thirteen years of classroom experience preparing students in the skills needed to earn their IB Diplomas. In addition to her instructional expertise, she holds an additional post-graduate degree in Administrative Leadership and Policy and has served as English Department Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator, District Curriculum Developer and as Chair of the School Leadership Team among others.
Since first meeting her husband fifteen years ago while acting in a Shakespearean theatre, they have acted together, taught together, and adventured to many parts of the world together. Sara enjoys golfing, unicycling and juggling, as well as playing softball and croquet—just not all at the same time!

GIZEM INANC, English Language Teacher

Gizem Inanc, originally from Istanbul, Turkey spent most of her childhood abroad in countries like the United States, Belgium and France as an International School student herself. Her early life experiences turned her into an explorer; she has travelled to many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America willing to meet different people, go through different adventures, and learn about more customs and beliefs.

She is a CELTA certified teacher who holds a BA degree in Foreign Language Education and an MA degree in Media and Communicational Studies. Having worked as an administrator and an English teacher for more than 10 years in k12 schools (including boarding schools, immersion schools, IB schools and orphanages), she has developed herself as a versatile and a resourceful educator. Outside the classroom, she has lead summer camps in France and Belgium, various community and service events and organizations, film and cooking clubs.

Gizem adores photography, blogging, artisanal handicrafts and team sports; especially basketball. Her goal is to raise world citizens who continuously perceive, appreciate and contribute colors to the harmonious nature of multiculturalism and Earth itself.

KATRIN BERGER, German Teacher

Katrin Berger holds a BA in Translation Studies, as well as an MA in Conference Interpreting for German, French and English. She has previously served as a German teacher, translator and interpreter in various German-French-English contexts.

A native of Seifersdorf, Germany, Katrin has lived, worked and traveled throughout a wide variety of countries. In addition to learning new languages, she also enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming and singing.

PETRA MAZUROVÁ, Spanish and Czech Teacher

Petra Mazurová, a native of the Czech Republic, spent most of her childhood living abroad in t Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay. She holds a degree in Spanish Language, History and Literature from Charles University in Prague, for which her thesis was nominated for the Premio Iberoamericano Award.

Petra has taught Spanish for more than 15 years, and when not in the classroom she enjoys travelling, reading, swimming and diving.


Jana Burianová is a native of Karlovy Vary, and received her Art degree from the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. It was there that she also became qualified as an Art Therapist. Jana has taught Art for more than 20 years and has worked as a librarian as well.

She is excited to be a part of the CIS family and hopes to inspire students to discover and develop their creative potential. She likes to spend her free time travelling. She also likes walking with her black labrador, hiking, skiing, reading and all forms of artistic creation.

ERIC HILLEBRAND, IB Economics, History Teacher

Eric Hillebrand has taught IB Human Science courses such as History and Psychology for 14 years on 4 different continents. He comes to CIS having been a leader at a unique IB program in the USA that has won national recognition for making the IB curriculum accessible to all levels of learners. He is a Senior Examiner in IB History and has lead trainings in the subject.

Outside of school, Eric is an avid road cyclist and enjoys spending time with his two young children and his wife, Carla Aiello, a School Counselor here at CIS.

CARLA AIELLO, College Counsellor

Carla Aiello comes to CIS with 11 years of experience as a school counselor and teacher in IB secondary schools in the USA and Taiwan. She was born and raised in Chicago, where she earned a B.A. in History Education from DePaul University before moving on to Bridgwater State University, where she obtained an Master’s degree in School Counseling and worked on student student leadership initiatives and on planning BSU’s awesome orientation program for new students.

She is excited to join the impressive international teaching staff at CIS, to get to know a new group of students from all over the world, and to explore the Czech Republic with her husband, Eric Hillebrand, and their two spirited children. In her spare time, Carla likes to meditate.

TONJA WEIMER, Biology and Chemistry Teacher

Tonja Weimer comes to CIS with 15 years of teaching experience within the US and Brazil.  She has a Bachelor’s in Education specializing in Biological Sciences from Miami University of Ohio and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati. Although her focus is life sciences, Tonja has a passion for all sciences and has taught chemistry, physics, and various levels of biology, including IB, in her career.

Tonja is strongly committed to student development and the learning experience. She hopes to share her passion for sciences with the students at CIS as well as develop and encourage them to become lifelong learners in the field.

In addition to teaching, Tonja enjoys being active, playing soccer, traveling, and hanging out with her dog, Porter.  She is extremely excited to be a part of the CIS community

MARC GREEN, Psychology and EAL Teacher

Marc Green holds a BSc in Psychology and comes to CIS after a year teaching ESL in public schools based in the north of the Czech Republic. Marc has developed a real passion for working with young people and helping them to fulfil their full potential. Previous to this, Marc spent time working as a Volunteer Coordinator in Sri Lanka, teaching English and volunteering at the National Institute for Mental Health.

When not in the classroom, Marc is an avid sports fan, most notably of football, with his support being split evenly between the England National Football Team and Chelsea Football Club.

ALISSA DONAVAN, Physics and Mathematics Teacher

Born and raised in the United States, Alissa grew up near Chicago and attended the University of Notre Dame. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Education. Alissa comes to CIS from Chengdu, China, where she spent six years teaching AP and IB physics. Prior to this, she spent two years teaching physics and math in the U.S.

Her hobbies include running, cooking, and being outdoors, especially in the mountains. She also enjoys traveling and learning about the culinary traditions of each new place she visits.

KERI PORTER, Mathematics Teacher

Keri Porter has lived in and attended international boarding schools since she was six years old. Since then, she has earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, traveled to over 30 countries, and devoted herself to a life of international travel and service.

Whether volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya, teaching English in South Korea, or working as an Assistant Recreation Director for a top-rated Swiss summer camp, Keri is truly at her best when sharing her passions with others.

BRIAN TYNAN, Humanities Teacher

Brian Tynan comes to CIS with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from James Madison University and a post graduate teaching license from The College of New Jersey.  He has worked at international schools in Dusseldorf and Budapest and coordinated programs for dozens of international schools at an outdoor education centre in Switzerland.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Outdoor Studies which he earned as a student in England, Norway and Germany.

In his first year at CIS, Brian was assistant dorm head and humanities teacher.  In his second year, he moved to full time teaching History and Geography to 9th and 10th graders.  He loves to take students out of the classroom to share in educational experiences around which understanding can be constructed.  Brian is excited to be in a small, close-knit community where he can get to know students outside of the classroom.  He is also excited to take advantage of the climbing, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding and other outdoor pursuits which are right out the doorstep here in Karlovy Vary.

Meet the Activities Staff

STEVE PORTER, Director of Activities

Steve Porter holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has found a real passion in working with young people. He has worked extensively with children in his home country, the United States, as well as in Switzerland, including working with summer camps and with children with special needs.

A lifelong athlete, Steve has played competitive sports since the age of 4, coached youth baseball and soccer, and worked professionally in the winter sports industry. When not on the slopes, Steve loves to relax with his friends, listening to music and cooking up new recipes in the kitchen.

BLANKA MIARKOVÁ, Activities Supervisor

Blanka Miarková is a native of Karlovy Vary, and studied at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, earning a degree in Management of Sports Activities. After her studies in Plzeň, she went on to graduate from Prague University, specialising in Sport and Fitness.

When not studying, Blanka became fond of outdoor activities, especially cross-country skiing and down-hill skiing. Later she combined her passions for both forms of skiing when training young children in at a ski school. Her other hobbies include travelling and exploring nature.

Meet the Residential Staff

LARISA KONDRATEVA, Director of Residency/Dean of Students
Larisa Kondrateva is an experienced teacher, who has spent more than 20 years working with children. Besides this, she has been working as a deputy school director, managing various administrative issues and tasks, for 6 years. Larisa is mostly interested in the educational processes, which contribute to the formation of the kids’ personalities and affect their future professional paths. Larisa was involved in a number of international processes, bringing up the students from different countries.


A graduate of Language and Cultural Studies at University College Cork, Irish native, and internationally qualified Foreign Languages and Social Studies teacher, Fiona joins CIS with a wealth of experience in the field of youth guidance.

She has spent the previous 6 years teaching, and assisting students in high schools and residential summer camps across Europe, in the roles of Camp Manager, Teacher, and Student Advisor.

As a CELTA certified EAL teacher, Fiona is particularly focused on second language acquisition, and life-long learning.

Feeling most at home in an educational setting, Fiona considers it a privilege to interact with inspiring young people in the boarding school environment. With a special interest in self-esteem development, and youth mental health, Fiona hopes to be a positive influence on the lives of her students. Her passion for travel, art, and nature makes Czech Republic an ideal location to develop her interests both personally, and together with her students.

HANNAH THOMPSON, Assistant Girls Dorm Head

After gaining a 1st class honour degree in Business Management from the University of Birmingham, Hannah has gone on to work in multiple countries in a number of areas. She spent time working for a small charity in West Africa Managing the volunteers and its here where she found her passion for working with young people.

Hannah then went on to working in the outdoor education sector and working as a program coordinator for an large company providing outdoor education to students from some of the best international schools in Europe. A keen traveller, her winter work has seen her spend winters in Verbier as a Sales Manager and heading for warmer climates as a Trip Leader in Cambodia helping international schools achieve their CAS goals. Conservation and environmental education are top priorities for Hannah.

ROBERT DEAN, Boys Dorm Head

A graduate of Elon University, Robert Dean brings a wealth of pastoral experience to CIS through his previous roles as a camp counselor, trip advisor for youth programs and case manager for at-risk youth. His international experience includes growing up in 8 countries on 5 continents, wherein he had the opportunity to attend multiple international schools and learn in exciting cultures all over the world. His passions include travel, food, skiing and watching Arsenal football club. He is excited to engage with students in a way that will encourage them to discover new ideas, leave their comfort zones and provide support for each other as a tight-knit family.

DARRON CARSWELL, Assistant Boys Dorm Head

Darron Carswell, a graduate in Film Studies and Art History from the University of Kansas, has worked as Special Needs Mentor, Supervisor, and Job Coach. This work has taught him a great deal about empathy, patience, and personal development. His fervent belief in cultural diffusion has taken him to Europe with the desire to impress the importance of continued learning to students from across the globe. When not watching movies or reading criticism, Darron enjoys America’s game, baseball. He is a fan of the two-time World Series Champion Kansas City Royals.

Meet the Operations Team

THOMAS KEEN, Director of Admissions

A son of Boston, Massachusetts and a dual citizen of the UK and US, Thomas grew up on boarding school campuses and adds a wealth of international experience to the CIS community. In addition to his own boarding school experience and IB education in the US and Switzerland, Thomas attended university at Royal Holloway, University of London. Thomas utilised his BSc Zoology degree and love for Spanish while in Ecuador to work with animals from the Amazonian and coastal regions, before following his routes into the rewarding world of education.

With penchants for travel, languages, and saying “yes” to new challenges, Thomas feels incredibly lucky to have opened CIS and to be tasked with growing its numbers as we fill our campus with tomorrow’s leaders.

MARTINA POSTOVA, Director of Marketing

Martina Poštová is a native of Karlovy Vary with a long-term professional experience in a variety of fields, from language education, forensic interpreting to PR and marketing. She completed her Master’s Degree in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Australia. Martina has worked as a marketing manager in companies, such as Moser glassworks and WITTE Automotive, and has broadened her marketing experience in PR agencies in Australia and the U.S.A.

A passionate language specialist and keen sportswoman, she has been using her expertise in top sports and cultural events in Karlovy Vary and the Czech Republic, namely CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary, Czech Cycling Tour, UNESCO project “Great Spas of Europe” and many others. Living now in the beautiful Ore Mountains, she loves spending time with her family and her dog.

ADELYA DAUTOVA, Associate Director of Marketing

Adelya Dautova a graduated with bachelor in Creative Multimedia in such a wonderful Asian country as Malaysia is. There she spent last 7 years . She was born in Russia, raised up in Kazakhstan. Before joining CIS she was a member of the marketing team in one of the leading Malaysian private universities. She is bringing her experience to CIS. She enjoys work in international teams like CIS.
Adelya loves to discover new countries and continents as well as meet new people and know more about their culture.

JINDRA KAMENÍKOVÁ, Head of Operations 

Jindra Kameníková is an accomplished professional in many fields, from business management to international sales and marketing. She holds a Master Degree in Education and MBA in Management, Leadership and Operations. She has held senior roles with companies such as Mattoni and BMW, and has lived and worked in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Jindra enjoys helping other people to grow professionally and to develop their own potential. A native of Karlovy Vary,  she enjoys an active healthy lifestyle, travelling and spending time with her family.

SERGEY CHENTSOV, Development Manager

Sergey Chentsov has been instrumental in designing Carlsbad International School since the beginning, and brings with him his extensive operations experience in Karlovy Vary’s highly acclaimed hotel industry. Originally from Russia, Sergey moved to the Czech Republic to finish his high school education and went on to earn his degree from one of Prague’s most distinguished business schools, the University of Economics.

Sergey enjoys watching ice hockey, playing squash, and traveling with his wife to explore new cultures and regions of the world.


Mr. Franc, a native-son of Karlovy Vary, brings 20 years of experience and has worked in hotels such as the Grand Hotel Pupp, Savoy West End, and Bristol Palace.

Additionally, he brings solid knowledge of international cuisine obtained while working abroad in Germany, Italy, France, Poland and the Slovak Republic

TIM SLOMAN, Founding Head of School (2013-2016)

Tim Sloman brought over thirty years of education and boarding experience to Carlsbad International School, including a Master’s of International School Administration, a Master’s of Education, and nine years as an Academic Administrator for a top Swiss international boarding school. He has lived and worked in the United States, England, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic, holding a wide array of positions, such as Program Director, Athletic Director, Head of PE, Craft, Design and Technology Teacher, with a unique specialization in international summer camps for youth. Since his humble beginning as a Cabin Counsellor for the YMCA, his passion has always been working with and making a difference in the lives of children in any and all situations

Tim’s dedication to student care, comfort and safety have earned him the respect and love of his former pupils, colleagues and administrators throughout his career. He enjoys all types of sports, and has played, coached and refereed almost everything from football to volleyball, table tennis and ice hockey. Although it’s been many years since last living in his hometown of Stafford, England, Tim is a devoted supporter of the England National Football Team, as well as the Manchester United Football Club.

In January 2016, Tim accepted a new position as Founding Head of School of the MiSK Foundation’s newest K-12 international school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  CIS wishes Tim all the best in his new endeavour and is forever indebted to him for the tireless work he completed on behalf of CIS, our staff, students and parents.

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