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The Premier Boarding School of Czechia (Czech Republic)

Carlsbad International School

Carlsbad International School (CIS) is the premier international boarding school of Czechia (Czech Republic) for high school students, ages 14-18. We offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma and pre-diploma programs in a private boys and girls boarding school setting.

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Our graduating students know how to succeed academically, think independently, work cooperatively, and live responsibly. By blending small classroom settings with educational technologies, students gain essential skills in relationship building and technology.

In addition to being a top prep school, CIS is also a premier Google school, utilizing many different applications in and outisde of the classroom. These make students accountable, while coordinating communication between students, teachers, and parents abroad. You will be able to track your student’s progress throughout their stay at our European boys and girls boarding school.

CIS Students Benefit From:

  1. English Speaking Campus (80% Native English Speaking Faculty)
  2. Small Class Sizes
  3. Technology Integrated Campus
  4. Exceptional Faculty (63% with Advanced Degrees)
  5. Excellent Residential Care
  6. Secure, Modern Facilities
  7. On-Campus Health Center
  8. Central European Peace & Stability
  9. School Led Recreation & Travel Opportunities

The Perfect Place to Live and Learn

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Private High School


Private High School



IB World School

Education for a Better World

Our academic curriculum, the International Baccalaureate (IB), is the gold standard for international boarding school and top prep school academics. The IB is an inquiry-based education system that promotes independent thinking, self motivation, and real world application of knowledge. It is the most preferred diploma for admission to the world’s top universities.

Instead of traditional exercises in memorization and imitation, students learn to engage deeply with classroom instruction. Beyond remembering, understanding, and applying; IB students learn to analyze, evaluate, and even create new work around an academic theme.

In conjunction with regular classroom assignments, students are evaluated through end of course exams. These standard exams come directly from the IB organization and are graded by external examiners to create a truly objective grading system.

Study, Grow, Travel, Explore

As an IB World School in Europe, world history, culture, geography, languages, literature, science, biology, and the arts, are at our doorstep. Our team of exceptional faculty know how to bring the world into the classroom, and the classroom into the world. From foreign language to English literature, chemistry to outdoor recreation, music lessons to student led organizations, our program truly has something for everyone.

As part of our mission to help students reach their full potential and become inspired lifelong learners, our international boarding school includes one study abroad week each semester as part of our core curriculum. During this week, students travel by subject or grade level to another country with their classroom teachers and dorm supervisors. These trips provide crucial real world application of knowledge, while also teaching responsibility and cultural awareness. This truly rounds out the IB world school curriculum.

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best ib world school europe czechia czech republic


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Sports, Activities & Camps


Sports, Activities & Camps



Boys & Girls Boarding School

Exceptional Boys & Girls Boarding School in Europe

Our boys and girls boarding school provides structured community living in a professionally supervised, IB world school environment for boys and girls, ages 14-18.

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The international boarding school program includes:

  1. Separate Boys & Girls Dormitories
  2. English Language Immersion
  3. Shared Dorm Rooms (2-4 Students)
  4. Professional Dorm Supervision (24 Hours a Day)
  5. Modern Facilities & Comfortable Accommodation
  6. Gated Campus with 24 Hour Security Personnel
  7. Healthy Meals with Dietary Options
  8. On-Campus Health Center
  9. MultiCultural Acceptance Policy
  10. Weekend Travel/Activity Program (Included)

Furthermore, due to our unique location in Czechia (Czech Republic), we are able to offer a premium, central European, international boarding school experience, at a fraction of the cost of our nearby neighbors in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. This includes, as well, comparable boys and girls boarding school and international boarding school institutions in the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

What Our Families Say

Thank you for taking such good care of my son during this school year. In becoming part of the CIS family, he received education, love, and made new friends for a lifetime from many different countries. The international boarding school experiences he gathered will help him become a better person, more prepared, and able to understand other cultures, religions, and be more globally aware of himself as a citizen of the world.

Carlsbad fulfilled our expectations. We highly recommend any parent in Mexico or the world to let their their children have the opportunity that our son, Jorge, had both academically and culturally.

Jorge and Maria

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Study Abroad Program


Study Abroad Program


Private English School

Much More than a Diploma – A Top Prep School

As an IB World School, we enable our students to succeed in the IB Diploma Program. Ultimately, this rigorous academic program prepares them to be successful at their university, career, and life beyond.

In practice, however, our students actually receive much more than a diploma from our IB world school. As a top prep school, our students gain a range of valuable life skills, as well.

Personal life skills include:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Time Management
  3. Organization
  4. Leadership
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Cultural Awareness
  7. Conflict/Resolution
  8. Community Service
  9. Healthy Balanced Lifestyles
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By placing our young students in an international boarding school environment very similar to a university, then staffing it with exceptional teachers, and by continually providing positive educational and social experiences, our students graduate ready to take full control of their university experience.

Our commitment to the lifelong success of our students truly makes CIS a top prep school for university preparation, academic excellence, and international relations.

What Our Families Say

As parents who want only the best for our children, we chose Carlsbad International School after careful research and consideration. Our expectations were very high. Then I saw first-hand how supported, safe, and comfortable the students were. I was impressed by the living and learning environment this boys and girls boarding school offers to their students. The staff were friendly, inviting, and helpful. My high expectations were not only met, but exceeded.


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High School in the Heart of Europe


High School in the Heart of Europe



To Your Home Away From Home

The Perfect Place to Live and Learn

For over two centuries the historic site of the CIS campus has been an international meeting place for political dignitaries, business professionals, tradesmen and women, and their families. The location has been a cafe, a restaurant, a theatre, luxury apartments, and most recently, an IB World School.

One reason is because of its ideal location in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad, in English), which is an internationally renowned spa resort, just west of Prague. As for the campus itself, it is slightly removed from the main town, surrounded by a beautiful Bohemian pine forest, and sits directly on the banks of the gently flowing River Teplá.

Many students have described walking onto our campus for the first time as stepping into another world. The lack of noise and distraction outside create a perfect international boarding school environment. Here students and teachers of all nations and beliefs come together to learn, grow, and succeed as a community.

Love Your Boarding School

Carlsbad International School provides a positive environment for students to succeed academically, gain top university placement, grow socially, and transition safely and productively from teens to young adults, while in our care.

Students at CIS achieve academic success, develop valuable life skills, lead healthy active lifestyles, make lifelong friends from around the world, and are prepared to succeed at the university level and beyond.

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